18 April, 2017

What is rope access?

Rope access is a simple, effective and absolutely safe method that can be used when workers are required to access locations or the worksite where they can’t move to by the common way.
Rope access is highly recommended for working at heights or cliffy dangerous area where the risk of falls might occur to workers, causing serious injuries or death.
Assembling platform combined scaffolding is the common method that allows workers to access their worksite at height. However, this method is only accepted for a limited height due to cost and possibility problems. Conversely, by using rope access, workers will have gained an absolutely safe access at any heights or complex surfaces. Certainly, workers are required to have their own specific trade skills that meet their work.
Rope access is simple and suitable for people who have good health, are comfortable with exposure to height and have no heart diseases or neurological diseases. The duration of a rope access training course is from 2 to 5 days including assessments. However, for practical using purpose, learners are recommended to use specific rope access equipment (personal protective equipment) that meets international standards on safety.
Rope access is also applied in rescuing a casualty while working at heights, or lifting light to medium loads (up to 100kg). That’s why this method is useful for the industries that require objects rigging.

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